Commission in client's home

Commission in client's home

Commissioned art is a joy for the buyer, but it’s also a legacy of the heart. As you hand it down through the generations, your grandchildren (and great grandchildren!) will get to know you through the art you commissioned and collected.

Amy works with individuals and interior designers to create commissioned paintings to ensure they are suited in both size and design for specific spaces. 

The process is both simple and special, giving the buyer a singular experience as well as a timeless investment.

  • 2-3 of Amy’s existing paintings are selected by the client as inspiration
  • Amy selects a color palette based on the fabrics selected for the design project
  • If local to the Charlotte, NC area Amy assesses the space to weigh in on sizing, orientation, framing, and placement
  • If remote, specifications and recommendations will be handled via phone
  • If needed, Amy can recommend art couriers and installers.