Happy Fall

Blog for Fall 2016, Small, Medium, and Large.

Great things are happening in the world of Amy Sullivan Fine Art, and I’m delighted to be able to share with you. Earlier in the fall I had an installation of three paintings at Wake Forest University, at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. They were very colorful paintings from my barn and structure series. I gotta get over there and snap some pictures! Hang on!

Going LARGE...


This is what’s on my easel at the moment. One is on its way to a designer and the other is on its way to a gallery. I really enjoy painting these large pieces, I love all the elbow room and range of motion you have while working, and I find the soft tones so peaceful and pleasant to the eye. In fact, I want one for MY house, but like the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, I have none of my own work! I just love on them until they leave the nest.

Going SMALL...


A mere 3 inches square, these little miniatures are oil on board or canvas, and have a little hand-modeled, gold-leafed frame. When I paint them it gets me into a zen mode, like I’m doing yoga. Unlike the large pieces which require lots of walking around, and pushing and splashing and bumping into things, with these, I just sit still. and paint.

Upcoming Events: SOZO Gallery in Uptown Charlotte! Come to my show on October 7, its a Friday and it will be lots of fun. I love the whole feel of Hannah Blanton’s beautiful gallery and can’t wait to share all my paintings with you! There will be some MEDIUM sized (whaaat???) pieces that I am so excited about and BEAUTIFULLY framed by the fabulous ArtAspects in Charlotte. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll start posting some images as time gets closer.